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Instant payment processing and access to the financial ecosystem.

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The new standard in banking

Seamlessly get access to thousands of bank accounts, send money or collect payments instantly through a single platform.

Real-time Information

Having access to clients’ real-time financial data is key when you’re trying to anticipate their needs or make the right decision.

Cost Effective and Instant

Cut the fees that come with card processing and traditional payment methods, reducing your overheads and processing times.

World-class API

Carefully built, consistent, resource-oriented architecture that gives developers maximum flexibility and abstraction in using our API.

Single point of access to multiple financial institutions

  • Bank account tracking
  • Instant payments
  • International transfers
  • Bank feed
  • Spending review
  • Identity verification

A robust set of tools and resources

Smart API

We've applied best practices in designing Finexer API making it flexible and easy to adopt. It uses the industry-leading REST-based service that meets the unique needs of every business.

Advanced webhooks

Our automated webhook system enables you to register multiple webhooks, secure endpoints with keys, verify authenticity of payloads, track sent data and webhook statuses and more.

Expert developer support

We offer a seamless, reliable experience, and we’ll work with you and the financial institution to put things right and solve your case including answering API-related and technical queries.

Free live and sandbox accounts

Managing multiple businesses with multi-Finexer account feature, and sandbox accounts for testing end-to-end integration not affecting live environment is free of charge.

Designed for Developers

We understand how tricky integrating various applications can be, which is why at Finexer, we aim to keep working towards developing a useful, scalable API infrastructure, with 99.99% uptime.

  "count": 20,
  "location": "/providers",
  "paging": {
    "total": 22,
    "next": null,
    "prev": null
  "data": [
      "id": "barclays",
      "object": "provider",
      "name": "Barclays",
      "supported": true
      "id": "rbs",
      "object": "provider",
      "name": "Royal Bank of Scotland",
      "supported": true

We always welcome new ideas. If you believe that our API is missing an important feature, or that our service needs to be more customisable to suit your needs, then drop us an email or contact the Support Center.

PSD2 Compliance

Our software adheres to PSD2 directives. It ensures new and existing businesses meet all regulatory requirements.

We take care of compliance

There’s no requirement for you to comply with PCI DSS or PSD2 regulations, allowing you to save both time and money with both development and testing.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

SCA, a requisite of PSD2, adds an additional layer of security which many businesses in the financial industry now have to comply with. We'll help you meet these requirements with minimal effort.

Advanced Security

Each and every action taken on our platform, whether it’s through our web interface or our API, utilises our bank-grade security.

  • Application security
  • Two-factor athentication
  • User access controls
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Tokenization
  • Fraud detection
  • AES-256 data encryption
  • And much more

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