Send money, collect donations or accept payments instantly, either for your own business or on behalf of your clients.

Collect and process funds and payments quickly and easily via multiple financial institutions with just one endpoint.

Quick and Effective

Save on fees and reduce transfer times without compromising on security.

Cost Effective

You can cut the fees that come with processing direct debits, card processing, and other traditional payment methods, reducing your overheads.


Funds can be transferred within approximately 1-15 minutes, so you don’t have to wait for funds to be cleared by a payment processor.


Reduce the chances of chargebacks and fraud by utilising the security offered by your customer’s bank - no credential sharing, and no PCI DSS requirements.

The Process

Accepting a payment is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3, all while taking advantage of the security offered by the client’s bank for extra peace of mind.

Customers enter the payment flow and make a payment without a need to register account with Finexer, and we record all transactions, so you'll always have a record.

Step 1 Generate a payment request through our API or dashboard for your client
Step 2 Your client authorises the payment with their bank and approves the request
Step 3 Your client is redirected to your website and the bank processes the payment

Financial Fraud

Every payment is strongly authenticated, that is part of SCA (Strong Customer Authentication). Customers are required to authenticate themselves with biometrics like fingerprint, face ID, etc.

Purchase Disputes

Payments are made directly between banks that have more control and can take additional steps to prevent the likelihood of purchase disputes and assist when things go wrong.


Customers cannot execute fraudulent chargebacks because there is no intermediary in the payment - the money goes directly from their account to yours and you have the final say over it.

QR Code Payments

With a support of QR codes, checkout flow can be quick and simple. It facilitates instant payments and is as secure as using desktop version of online banking.

All a user has to do is simply open the camera on a smartphone, scan the QR code, and confirm the payment via their own online banking app.

Scan QR code

Batch Payments

Looking for a solution to send funds to multiple recipients simultaneously saving a great deal of time and expense?

Set up a one-off payment to multiple bank accounts to get your recipients paid within just a few minutes.

Pay multiple invoices or a payroll in the same currency at the same time with a single authorization.

Automated Receipts

Finexer will take care of payment receipts for you.
When you create a new payment, supply us with an email address for your client and we’ll email a payment receipt directly to them upon successful completion.

Payment Links

Send your clients a payment request link from your dashboard, or through our API to collect donations or a payment keeping things quick and simple.

Accessing the secure link will take your client straight into the payment flow. They can authorize a payment, using their own bank’s platform while ensuring the highest level of security.

Why use Open Banking?

Open Banking was introduced under the PSD2 regulations to simplify the process of transferring funds and connecting your accounts. You can benefit from:

  • The reduced fees compared to traditional payment providers
  • Native bank security - no shared credentials as the user is authenticated by their bank directly
  • Quicker access to funds. Payments can be made and transferred as quick as a bank transfer
  • Seamless processes. Refund can be made with just a few clicks or a single request to the API

Peace of Mind

Finexer has developed a secure infrastructure, uses bank grade security and complies with regulatory requirements.


There’s no requirement for you to comply with PCI DSS or PSD2 regulations, allowing you to save both time and money with both development and testing. Keep things simple and let Finexer do the hard work for you.


We include measures such as end-to-end SSL encryption between servers, AES-256 encryption of sensitive data such as IBANs and account numbers, and tokenization throughout the payment flow. Find out more about our security.

Developer Friendly

With the help of our flexible and consistent API you can build customizable and secure solutions to fit your business needs reducing IT effort.

	"id": "pt_LiDYx1SaOBw57TOI9KPDlTsIS",
	"object": "payment",
	"created_at": "2020-12-11T16:25:35Z",
	"updated_at": null,
	"amount": 712,
	"currency": "gbp",
	"statement": "SALE IPHONE MWLT2",
	"description": "Apple iPhone 11 64GB Black MWLT2",
	"target": "IBAN102030405060708090",
	"source": "IBAN908070605040302010",
	"provider": "barclays",
	"status": "completed",

Our Coverage

Send money to any bank account using the sort code and account number, or IBAN - just like any other transfer.

Currently, we only support payments to be made from banks in the UK, but we’re continually working on connecting more banks throughout Europe.

Start reducing fees and receive funds instantly.