Build custom financial tools and manage payments, accounts and bank data on your users’ behalf, through the Connect marketplace, all while Finexer takes care of the processing and compliance.

How does my platform connect to Finexer?

With a streamlined authentication process, your users can link your platform to Finexer in just a few clicks. There’s no need to share any passwords or codes, your user just needs to authorize the connection.

Step 1Configure your app Add your app to Finexer to generate your access details for your platform, ready to start the authentication process with your users.
Step 2Your users connect to Finexer Through a simple authentication process, your users can link their Finexer account to your platform granting them access to a whole range of financial services.
Step 3Benefit from Finexer With authorisation granted, you can now act for your users, connecting bank accounts, accessing user data, or initiating payments on their behalf.

Let your users take advantage

If your platform allows your users to connect with customers, let them take advantage of Finexer themselves. With a simple and secure authorization process, you can start processing payments for them in no time.

Banking is more than just money - it’s affordability, compliance and protection, too. Adding support for Finexer allows your users to simplify their own processes by utilising the Open Banking network, all within your own platform, but powered by Finexer.


Marketplace platforms are commonplace on the web, from those covering a wide range of items to those specialising in a niche. Handling payments can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Simplify the process by utilising the comprehensive Finexer API. Your users, the merchants on your marketplace platform, can simply connect their Finexer account to your platform through our simple, pre-built authorisation process.

Affordability Checking

Affordability is a key factor when it comes to applying for credit. There are numerous platforms available to simplify this for businesses, including those offering store cards, credit cards or buy now, pay later plans.

Enable your users to carry out simple affordability checks on their potential clients through Finexer. Through a simple authentication process, gain access to relevant bank records to be able to judge their affordability before offering credit of any form.

The Power & Simplicity of Connect

Expand your platform functionality by offering the features of Finexer through a custom integration. With our easy-to-use, flexible API, take advantage of the features offered through our platform and build them directly into your own.


Finexer takes care of the compliance and regulations related to offering financial functionality, so you can focus on what matters most rather than red tape.

White Label

With complete control over the integration, brand and customise the standard Finexer pages with your logo and text, making it look and feel part of your platform.

Safe & Secure

Tailor access permissions during authorisation process to give the end user peace of mind by restricting access to just the data that’s needed.

Remove barriers to accepting payments

Accepting payments should be a straightforward, simple and error-free process.

Adding Finexer to your checkout process can help simplify the purchase process for your customers. Accepting payment by bank transfer not only means funds arrive quicker, but it adds peace of mind for your customers with bank grade security.

Users can approve access and payments using their native banking apps on their smartphone to add a further layer of security and peace of mind, by providing them a method that they know and trust.

With our user-friendly dashboard, you can keep track of all transactions processed via your platform, for an easy to read audit trail. Take it further and enhance your audit trail, or build your own for your users, through your own custom audit report using the Finexer API and webhooks.

With compliance built into Finexer, there’s no need for you to be authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), or even obtain a full PCI license - we take care of it all for you.

Advantages of Connect

  • Finexer handles compliance checks and assists users with the onboarding process
  • Customise the authorisation process with your branding through customised HTML and CSS
  • Set up templates to suit different parts of your platform with multiple trading styles
  • Payment authorisation through QR code and native banking app user already know and trust
  • Securely connect with your user’s account using access tokens, not passwords
  • Utilise bank grade security for all dashboard interactions and API calls with Finexer
  • Finexer takes care of PCI Compliance and FCA regulations to remain compliant at all times
  • Connect takes advantage of the oAuth protocol to provide maximum security to our users
  • Transfers are typically completed in 15 seconds for banks on the Faster Payments network
  • Automated notifications via webhooks, emails including receipts for completed transactions
  • Pre-built interfaces, allowing our users to start accepting payments instantly
  • No need to provide bank details for payment or share passwords; just pay with a few clicks

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