At-a-glance dashboard gives you an insight into the activity on your Finexer account, including a wide range of analytics and real-time charts to help monitor the performance of your business.

You can use the Dashboard to perform specific actions without needing to use the API.

Account Management

Tools that have been consolidated in one place for ease of use, less scope for human error and maximum security.


Managing your team members is simple, and there is no limit on the number of team members. Partners and employees, can join the team, once they accept an instant and secure invitation.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication as an extra level of protection is provided during account login. This second layer of protection requires information that only the account holder can provide.

Access Controls

With highly fine-grained access controls, you can grant team members permission to view or use individual pages and features. For example assign developers permission to access information relating to API.

Custom SMTP

Configure SMTP settings so that your clients can receive email notifications via your SMTP server recognizing your brand. These emails are sent from configured email addresses.


Receive instant notifications about events that happen on your Finexer account.


Register multiple endpoints to notify you about events happen in your account. You will receive HTTP payloads with the relevant data so you can take further action if needed, such as updating an account or completing a shipment.


Stay up to date with important updates through notifications. Any time an important event happens in your account, we will notify you through your email, ensuring you always know the latest information. Carbon copy (CC) emails are supported too.


Keep track of connected bank accounts, created consents, customers, payments and more, at a glance using the comprehensive dashboard.

Visualise data with ease using a range of reports to help you analyse your data in detail. From audit logs of user activity, to API logs to monitor how your account is being accessed and used. A range of information in graph, chart & tabular report formats.


Businesses and start-ups can save time and money when building their software by giving permission to processing apps to accept payments on their behalf. Registration of your own app is straightforward.

  • Speed up delivery of new API features
  • Reduce risks and infrastructure cost
  • View and access linked accounts' data
  • Revoke account accesses at any time
  • Extend an existing app safely without impacting live users


Directories is the tool to manage multiple Finexer accounts linked to the primary account. These accounts can be used in a sandbox environment, or as separate business entities.

  • Manage multiple businesses
  • Test integration with Finexer
  • Identify and fix security glitches
  • Verify backward compatibility for API versioning
  • Test in a controlled live environment to ensure issues are resolved

Support Center

A built-in support ticket system will allow you to resolve all the issues you encounter quickly. Whether you have a simple query about a product release date or a problem with the integration, our Support Team members are:

  • Responsive and available 16/7
  • Friendly and helpful experts
  • Present online to offer real-time support
  • Contactable via email notifications
  • Able to provide technical support in relation with the Finexer API

And a lot more

In your account settings, you will find a wide range of configuration tools,
including 3-rd party integration and API keys.

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