Data Aggregation

Access thousands of accounts across multiple banks with a single point of access through our extensive API. View high-quality, real-time data about users, balance and transactions.


Adding transactions to categories makes it easy to identify the purpose of the transaction and see what money is being spent on.


Streamline your KYC and AML processes. An identity verification process allows you to stay on top of your KYC and AML obligations.

Keeping you in sync

Webhooks keep you up to date by notifying you of new accounts being added, transactions taking place and so much more.


Our white-label solution allows you to customise your consent pages so that customers are easily able to recognise your brand.

Instant verification

Verify your customers without needing to ask for additional information. You can check the identity of users by checking their account data.

Consent management

Users are given links to re-consent their account prior to expiration, and for extra peace of mind, either party can revoke access any time.

Anticipate Clients’ Needs

Having access to clients’ data can help anticipate what they will need and when they will need it.

Real-time Data

Having access to clients’ real-time financial data is key when you’re trying to anticipate their needs, deliver new financial services or offer better conditions for existing services your clients receive from other banks.

Clever Advice

The ability to add transactions to categories can enable you to identify the reason for the transaction. This can help when giving advice to your clients about how to save their money and perform analysis of their spending.

Smart Decision

Having access to financial information, you are able to better decide what credit decisions you want to make, mitigate fraud and enhance your credit scoring model using details of income and expenses data.

White Label

Make Finexer your own with our white label solution, a custom branded consent management screen to fit in with your theme and style, helping to boost retention and brand value.

With the help of CSS and HTML editors, you can create beautifully designed and customisable consent screens.
We support multiple style templates to make it flexible for you to switch between trading styles when you need.

Banking Feed Monitoring

Keep up-to-date on changes that are made in the clients’ accounts as they are made, via webhooks.

Webhook notifications

Our account monitoring allows you and your customers to stay up-to-date by tracking bank accounts with set-up matching rules and be notified via webhooks. Commonly used as an ongoing bank feed.

Real-time updates

The account monitoring works on real-time access to the accounts, detecting changes on accounts filtering out duplicate transaction entries it detects.

Developer Friendly

With the help of our flexible and consistent API you can build customizable and secure solutions to fit your business needs reducing IT effort.

	"id": "trn_rJh8U6EvN9fiyVZgZVhXY7aM",
	"object": "transaction",
	"created_at": "2019-10-02T00:00:00Z",
	"timestamp": "2019-10-02T00:00:00Z",
	"amount": -23.61,
	"currency": "gbp",
	"type": "debit",
	"reference": "BBYY4090",
	"description": "ELITE GUITARIST 009879102020",
	"category": "payments",
	"balance": 6705.7,
	"status": "cleared",

One Platform - Many Great Applications

Finexer’s cloud-based services can be used independently, or together with third party or custom integrations, to create a powerful user experience - all with one API integration.

Use cases

Real-time Balance Checks

You can check the user’s account balance in real-time before making the decision about what to do next.

Insights based on live data

Once you know where your user is spending their money, you can give them a better insight into how to better save their money. You can also offer guidance on investment and saving goals.

KYC and AML Compliance

You can complement your KYC and AML procedures by retrieving your users’ identity information.

Consolidate banking data

You can consolidate all users’ accounts, across multiple banks, in a single app.

Improve credit decisions

You are able to better decide what credit decision you want to make. This can be what mortgage rate you want to offer, for example. You are also able to mitigate fraud and enhance your credit scoring model using details of income and expenses data from your users’ bank account.

Fraud mitigation

You are able to mitigate fraud and enhance your credit scoring model using details of income and expenses data from your users’ bank account.

Plus many more

These are just a few examples of how you can use our Data Aggregation services. Contact us today to see how our service can compliment yours.

We are here for you

We consistently aim to offer a seamless, reliable experience, and we’ll work with you and the financial institution to put things right and solve your case.

When times arise when banks go offline or fail to provide expected data, our support team are here to help. We’ll work with you to identify each case and talk you through the situation, all while taking the action needed to put things right.

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