Fixed monthly plans for start-ups and established businesses.


For new businesses looking to grow

  • Discounted pricing
  • White label solution
  • Data & Payments
  • Dashboard & Connect
  • Unlimited Finexer accounts
  • And more


For established and growing businesses

  • Standard pricing
  • White label solution
  • Data & Payments
  • Dashboard & Connect
  • Unlimited Finexer accounts
  • And more


For businesses with higher volumes

  • Volume-based pricing
  • Account management
  • Migration assistance
  • Customized setup
  • And more

No setup fees, no hidden fees, no cancellation fees.

What you get when signing up with us

All included tools you need that help you run your business more efficiently.

Account management

  • Team management
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Extensive grained-access controls
  • Time and timezone settings


  • Receive payloads via webhooks
  • Receive important emails
  • Be alerted via Dashboard
  • Send emails via your SMTP


  • Monitor team member activity
  • Visualize data from banks
  • Analyze your clients’ data
  • View API requests/responses logs


  • Create app integrations
  • Access other Finexer accounts
  • Accept payments on behalf of clients
  • Customize and style consent pages


  • Test integration in sandbox
  • Manage multiple businesses
  • Sign in with a single login
  • Data clean up

Customer support

  • Built-in Support Center
  • Service customization
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Technical and prompt support


  • Versioning & Metadata
  • Temporary and restricted keys
  • Documentation with examples
  • IP address whitelisting


  • CSS and HTML customization
  • Multi trading styles
  • Patching and testing
  • Grained access controls

Manage consents

  • Schedule expiration reminders
  • Email and webhooks notifications
  • Manual and auto consent revocation
  • PSD2 and SCA compliance

Frequently asked questions

With the Startup, Standard plans are there any limitations?

No. We made it simple, our clients get all available features like any other client including Dashboard, Connect, White Label – customization solution and others regardless of the plan they use.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do offer discounted pricing to start-ups that have no sales yet, or custom pricing to businesses with large data volumes.

Can I change a plan and get a discount once I’ve signed up?

Yes, you can change plans and we can offer you custom pricing when your business grows.

Do I need a special business account to accept payments?

No, you can use your regular business account and in certain cases you can even use your personal bank accounts.

Can I use our business branding in consent journeys?

Yes, you can use our White Label solution to fit in with your theme and style, helping to boost retention and brand value. We support custom HTML and CSS rendering.

What currency do you support?

Currently we support only payments in GBP and can offer Instant Payments only to businesses in the United Kingdom.

Do you support international payments?

Yes, we can send payments to any bank account in the world using the IBAN.

What’s your current bank coverage?

We currently support all major banks in the United Kingdom including challenger banks.

What do we get in the Enterprise plan?

You get everything that is in the Standard plan, plus custom pricing, tailored integration. For example we’ll help you to migrate existing customers, or adapt software to fit your specific business needs.

Is the Sandbox environment free of charge?

Yes, you can manage multiple sandbox Finexer accounts that replicate the functionality present in the production environment that are completely free.

Be up and running in minutes