Verify customer identity online with information from banks and facial recognition tools, generating reports with the similarity score for onboarding and authentication workflows.

Financial Analysis and Insights

Gain financial insights of your client's cash flow, all while Finexer verifies their name with a financial institution.

Financial report 1st Jan 2022 - 31 Mar 2022 for George Williams
Name Account Type Balance
Mr George Williams 20-04-00 12345678 Personal / Savings £12,777,88

Data Extraction and Facial Recognition

Extract data from identity documents such as passports and driving licenses.

Compare the document picture with the selfie images generating a report with the similarity score.

Multiple Workflow, Single Design

Verification checks include multiple types of checks and modes of how you'd like to authenticate or verify someone's identity.

Identity document

Upload an identity document to extract data that will be included in the report.

Selfie picture

Upload a customer selfie that will be compared to the picture in the ID.


Comparison of a selfie picture with the picture from ID is completed in real time.

Customer name

Supply the full name of your customer to check if it's a genuine name.

Financial data

Your customer authorises access to their bank account in a financial institution.


The supplied name is matched against the name in a bank in real time.

Advantages of Verification

  • Data extraction enables you to automate processes.
  • Facial recognition protects your business from identity fraud.
  • Access to financial data enables you to confirm customer information.
  • Bank grade security adds peace of mind for your customers.
  • Access to bank account data enables you to verify your customers without needing to ask for additional information.
  • Our unique algorithm generates a similarity score that indicates how well information is matched.
  • Retrieve verification reports for all of your customers with data extracted from documents or received from financial institutions.
  • With financial insights you can enhance your credit scoring model, decide what credit decisions you want to make.
  • Great functionality for onboarding and authenticating customers.

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